Semi Inground Pools with Decks

Inground swimming pools cost a lot of money for even a basic installation. Above ground pools block your view and clutter up your yard. And both are difficult to incorporate into an uneven yard. For many homeowners, a semi inground pool is the right choice – especially when surrounded by a wraparound deck. Semi inground pools with decks offer all the advantages of a semi inground pool while being as beautiful and luxurious as an inground pool.

In fact, many people refer to semi inground pools as deck pools because they’re so often incorporated into a wraparound deck. A quality deck complements a semi inground pool in multiple ways:

Appearance. Many semi inground pools feature decorative walls. However, few are as attractive as the exterior of a finished deck. The deck obscures the part of the wall that sticks up from the ground, and depending on the layout, can even make it difficult to tell whether you’re looking at an inground pool or semi inground pool.

Accessibility. Semi inground pools are generally easier to get into and out of than above ground pools due to their lower profile. However, having a deck around the pool edges makes it that much easier to simply slip inside – or use pool steps to descend into the water.

Weiner Dog by the PoolFunctionality. One of the joys of an inground pool is not only that it provides a place for you to swim, but serves as the perfect backdrop for other activities you and your family like to do in the backyard. A deck surrounding your pool offers the same advantage – a functional space where you can relax next to sparkling water.

Safety. With a deck, it’s much easier to monitor what’s going on in the pool because there are no walls block your view. Decks can also be built with railing and a lockable gate to keep neighborhood children and pets from wandering in.

If you’re looking for ideas for deck pools, there are plenty of pictures of them on the internet. Many pool builders put them online to lure new business. Which reminds us – when selecting a pool contractor to install a semi inground pool with a deck, you’ll want to find one with experience installing that type of pool. Many builders specialize in one type of pool or another, and may not have the expertise you want.

While many people think of an inground swimming pool as the standard, it’s not hard to see why there are those who prefer semi inground pools. Not only are they cheaper than inground pools, but when incorporated into a deck, they offer an entirely different experience. If you like reading, grilling, eating, drinking, or just relaxing in general on your home’s deck, why not try swimming too?