Inground Pools: Wisconsin

Inground Pools WisconsinWisconsin has its share of summer hot spots, including the world famous Wisconsin Dells. However, residents of the Badger State have another option for wet summertime fun that’s closer to home – a backyard swimming pool. But are inground pools really worth the cost in one of the coldest states in the union? Read on and decide for yourself.

Swimming Season

Winters can be long and brutal in Wisconsin, but the summers are pleasant and chock-full of good swimming days. On average, you can expect three or four months of warm weather. In Milwaukee, for example, average high temperatures reach the 70s in June and remain there until September. That’s a relatively short window, but you can maximize your pool use by installing a pool heater.


As mentioned, you’ll need a good pool heater in Wisconsin. But for a true “extra,” we recommend an expansive patio. After all, this is the Midwest, where backyard barbequing is an essential part of summer. Even when temperatures are too low to swim, your new inground pool can serve as a backdrop for other activities on the patio.

Installation Costs

You’ll probably pay a little more for an inground pool in Wisconsin than in other states, thanks to elevated labor costs. However, prices vary from area to area, and besides, location is only one of the factors in swimming pool construction costs. There are a lot of advantages to hiring a professional pool contractor, but if you need to save money, you can always attempt the project yourself (or at least do some of the digging).


To get a swimming pool permit, you need to go through your city or county government, where building permits are issued in Wisconsin. In urban areas like Milwaukee, the process of getting permits may be more complicated. One of the benefits of working with a pool company is that they usually know how to navigate the system.

Safety Laws

At this writing, Wisconsin does not appear to have any statewide laws governing residential pool safety (public pools are a different story). However, most cities throughout the country have laws mandating a pool fence for any permanent swimming pool of a certain depth. Your existing backyard fence may not necessarily be up to snuff, so make sure you understand all the requirements. Besides a pool fence, other safety equipment may also be required by local laws. Here, too, a professional pool builder can help you sort through all the particulars of your area.