Inground Pools: Alabama

Weather-wise, Alabama is the prototypical southern state, with scorching hot summers and short winters. In other words, it’s prime territory for residential swimming pools. From Huntsville to Mobile, inground pools are popular among Alabamans who want to beat the summer heat and increase their property values.

Ingournd Pools in Alabama: Basic FactsSwimming Season

Temperatures are a little colder in the northern reaches, but there’s nowhere in the state where you won’t get plenty of use out of a swimming pool. Depending on your tolerance for cooler temps, you can keep a pool open for all but a few months out of the year. However, many homeowners choose to leave their pools closed longer in order to save on heating costs and other maintenance expenses.


The worst thing you can do in a warm weather state is skimp on your pool. With so many outdoor activities throughout the year, it would be a shame to devote most of your backyard to something you’ll grow tired of after a few years. Consider sprucing up your pool with whatever extras you find most appealing – diving board, water slide, rock waterfall, zero depth (beach) entry, etc. Whatever it takes to turn your swimming pool into an attraction worthy of the space and time you’ll give it in the coming years.

Installation Costs

One other reason to go for some of those extra features – swimming pool construction is comparatively cheap in Alabama due to the low cost of labor. In other words, your money tends to go a lot farther in this part of the country. You can save even more by building yourself, but with swimming pool builders being reasonably priced in Alabama, most prospective pool owners opt for the professional.


Obtaining the proper permits is a critical part of building a swimming pool (or, for that matter, for making any sort of major addition or alteration to your home). The exact process varies by county, but generally involves filling out an application and submiting a blueprint of your planned construction. Health inspections may also be part of the process. If you’re working with an experienced pool contractor, they should be able to hold your hand through it all. However, this is something you should investigate early in the planning stage to make sure there are no nasty surprises later on.

Safety Laws

In Alabama, residential pool safety laws are maintained at the county and/or city level. As is the case throughout the country, laws tend to be stricter in places where population density is higher (where there’s a greater risk of people inadvertently falling into pools and drowning). Regardless of what the law says in your area, you should plan on building a fence around your pool to prevent children or animals from wandering too close.