Make a (Figurative) Splash with a Zero Entry Pool

Sea shell at the edge of a zero entry pool

Some people want to make a splash with their new inground swimming pool. Others like to ease into pool ownership.

With a zero entry pool, you might not literally make a splash, but you’ll definitely get plenty of attention. Zero entry pools – also known as beach entry pools – are hot for a lot of reasons, but mostly because of their striking looks.

What is a zero entry pool? Quite simply, it’s a pool where one or more sides gradually slopes from ground level down into the water.

This doesn’t necessarily mean there are no steps at all, as some beach entries slope gradually at first before underwater steps allow you to quickly descend deeper into the water.

However, the general idea is to create the outward appearance of a beach. Some zero entry pools even include sand, waterfalls, and other elements of natural pool design to complete the effect.

A beach entry isn’t just for looks, though. It also allows children, the elderly, and people with disabilities to easily enter the pool. The warm, shallow water of a beach entry is also an ideal place to sunbathe or just relax on a hot sunny day.

Overall, the advantages of a zero entry pool are pretty obvious and easy to envision. However, there are also a few downsides to consider:

Cost. You didn’t think they would be cheap, did you? Not all swimming pool contractors even offer zero entry pool designs. Those that do will no doubt charge a premium for this premium feature.

Most beach entries are built into concrete pools. However, you may also be able to find a zero entry fiberglass pool.

Size. You need extra space to accommodate the gradual downward slope of the beach entry. Besides costing you more in materials, that means the pool will take up more space on your property.

If real estate is limited, you might want to consider what we mentioned earlier – a beach entry that slopes gradually at first, but then lets you use steps to descend into deeper water.

Animals. Some pool owners have noted that zero entry swimming pools might be a little too natural. In other words, they might provide an inviting place for animals to wade into the water and possibly leave, er, evidence of their visits.

They’re not for everyone, but for people who want their pool to be as beautiful as it is fun, it’s tough to beat a zero entry pool. Beach entry pools are also a great choice for people who have trouble using pool steps or ladders.

If you can handle the higher price and other potential inconveniences, this could be the pool of your dreams.