Inexpensive Inground Pools: 5 Ways to Save

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Once you decide to get a swimming pool, you must brace yourself for the amount of money you’re going to have to spend. For a typical pool in 2023, the cost is going be in the tens of thousands of dollars. In other words, inexpensive inground pools don’t really exist.

However, there are plenty of ways to make your pool more affordable without sacrificing quality. You just need to get creative and maybe change your thinking of what a swimming pool should be.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of ways to save money, and there’s more common sense in here than trickery. However, it’s enough to get you started in your quest for a pool you can afford:

1. Go Smaller

The biggest factor in pool price that’s actually within your control is size. The materials and labor needed to build a large pool really drive up those costs. And the thing is, a lot of pool owners are perfectly happy with small pools.

A larger pool may seem like a must at first, but over the years, as the novelty of owning a pool wears off, you may wish you’d devoted less of your yard to this one feature.

2. Get Quotes from Many Different Contractors

Price shouldn’t be your only consideration when choosing a pool builder, or even the most important one. However, the more contractors you talk to, the more likely you are to find one that is both reliable and competitively priced.

Of course, the downside to this is that you can easily get overwhelmed with options, as the comparisons between different builders are rarely simple. However, if you’re willing to do the work and sort through the choices, you could end up saving some dough.

3. Build in the Offseason

As we mentioned in a previous article, you can sometimes save money by building your pool in the fall or winter. These are the times of year when swimming pool contractors are least busy, and most apt to cut you a deal to keep business coming in. It’s not a surefire thing, and let’s face it – waiting isn’t fun. But it can save you a significant amount of money.

4. Use a Pool Kit

If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, there are inground pool kits you can buy that contain all the supplies you need to assemble your own pool. But even if you aren’t comfortable tackling such a project, you can always buy the kit and hire someone else to install it. This can still save you money because you wouldn’t have to hire professional pool installers (indeed, many of them insist on using their own materials anyway).

5. Get an “Inground-Like” Alternative

Finally, before you commit to getting an inground pool, make sure you consider some of the more affordable alternatives.

Semi inground pools are cheaper, while still offering many of the same advantages of full inground pools. Even less expensive are above ground pools, which come in many different styles. Both semi inground and above ground pools can be made to look like inground pools through creative landscaping and/or a wraparound deck.

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Five ways to save? Actually, if you look around, you can find a lot more

Finding Inexpensive Inground Pools

These are just a few tips for lowering your inground pool costs. You can certainly find more by looking around at various places on the internet (including this site).

The key to getting a more affordable inground pool is keeping an open mind. If you have a rigid idea of what you want out of a pool, then you’re going to have to pay a premium for that. But hey, if it’s your dream, why settle for less?


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