Above Ground Pools with Decks

Above ground pool with nice deck

Most people agree: All things being equal, inground pools are superior to above ground pools. But then, all things are not equal, are they? Inground pool prices are much higher due to the complexity of excavation, extra plumbing, local permits, and a host of other issues. Fortunately, for people who want the luxury and appearance of an inground pool without the expense, there is an option – above ground pools with decks.

Using Above Ground Pool Decks for an “Inground Look”

There are two main criticisms of above ground pools:

1) with their high walls and basic design, they can often be an eyesore in your backyard

2) you have to climb up and over the wall to get into the pool

A wraparound deck addresses both of these issues. With the pool elegantly incorporated into a deck, it seems like a more natural part of your backyard. The finished wood exterior of the deck provides a much nicer looking facade than the bare walls of the pool. Meanwhile, the deck provides easy access to the pool, which is important for people who may have trouble climbing up and down a typical above ground pool ladder.

With landscaping and quality design, it can actually be difficult to tell whether you’re looking at an above ground pool. If not a perfect replacement for the inground pool experience, above ground pools with decks offer the next best thing. Semi inground pools with a wraparound deck offer an even closer approximation, though the complexity is also slightly higher.

Why People Choose Above Ground Pools with Decks

Owning an inground pool is more of a commitment than a lot of people want. Obviously, there’s the large commitment of money upfront. But there’s also the commitment of a permanent space in your yard. If you grow bored with an inground pool or can’t use it for some reason, you can’t just remove it without another major expense. If an inground pool suffers damage, you don’t have the option of replacing it (again, not without another major investment).

An above ground pool presents a lot more options, and with an attractive wraparound deck, it can even offer something close to the inground pool experience a lot of people are looking for. But it’s not just about getting a more affordable alternative to an inground pool. Here are some other advantages offered by above ground pools with decks:

  • Often easier to keep clean and free of debris than an inground pool
  • Generally safer, as it’s less likely that a child or pet will fall in
  • No extra plumbing required
  • For larger properties, having a structure around the pool often looks better than just a “hole in the ground”
Above Ground Pool Deck
Who needs an inground pool?

Inground vs Above Ground Pools – The Debate Goes On

At this point, fans of inground pools will want to quickly point out the downsides of getting an above ground pool. They certainly aren’t for everyone, but they do represent a solid alternative for people who don’t want to commit to an inground pool and all that ownership entails. And for those who want some of the advantages of an inground swimming pool, above ground pools with decks are often just what they’re looking for.