Above Ground Pool Prices: Adding Them Up

Mother with daughter in an above ground swimming pool

Above ground swimming pools offer a number of advantages over inground pools, but the one most people are interested in is cost. As with inground pools, above ground pool prices vary widely. However, because there are fewer regional differences and installation is much simpler, the cost of an above ground pool is much easier to predict.

The bottom line is that you can pay anywhere from less than $100 to over $1000 for an above ground swimming pool. It all depends on the size of the pool, the quality of the materials, and the extra features that are included.

Factors to Consider

Above ground pools have come a long way. In the past, the number of options were limited to a few utilitarian designs and a handful different “standard” sizes. Today, you can still find basic pools for sale, but there are also above ground pools that offer many of the features once confined to inground pools. Here are a few of the different factors that affect the pricing of a new pool:

Size. Just like inground pools, above ground pools come in a lot of different sizes, with the larger ones tending to cost more.

Appearance. While many above ground pools are still pretty basic, there are also those that feature attractive designs – including Doughboy Pools, for example. If you want a pool that’s not only functional, but beautiful, you’ll have to pay more.

Brand. Brand reputation is also a factor in cost. People are generally willing to pay more for the peace of mind that comes from buying an Intex pool or similarly well known brand.

Don’t Forget About “Extra” Costs

The price tag on an above ground pool is only one part of the total cost. You can generally assemble these pools yourself, but for some models, professional installation may be recommended. Even if you do it yourself, you may pay a hefty price for shipping and delivery of the parts to your house.

If you want your pool to be the centerpiece of your yard, you may also want to pay for landscaping or even a wraparound deck. If the pool doesn’t come with a ladder that suits your needs, you may have to buy one separately. Finally, depending on local laws and your own circumstances, you may need to pay extra for equipment to keep your pool safe.

Above ground pools also entail many of the same maintenance costs as inground pools. Ongoing expenses include chemicals to keep the water free of algae and electricity to keep your pool pump and heater running. You can save money by heating your pool with solar panels and/or keeping it covered when not in use.

Weighing Above Ground Pool Prices

While there’s a lot to consider, the good news is that shopping for an above ground pool is much simpler than planning an inground pool installation. There are a limited number of brands and models to choose from, and deciding between them really boils down to comparing value. That means weighing their cost against the features they offer. Shop around and pick the pool that offers  all the qualities you’re looking for at the best price.