Inground Pool Steps for Safety, Convenience, and Style

Got a bad knee? Have children or elderly people who use your pool? Just want to add some pizzazz? These are all good reasons to consider getting inground pool steps. With swimming pool steps on the shallow end, people can get in and out of your pool with ease, regardless of their physical condition.

Here are some things to look for when buying inground swimming pool steps:

Safety. To increase safety, look for pool stairs that have slip resistant surfaces and a handrail.

Looks. Obviously, you’ll want something that looks good in your pool. One stylish option to consider are wedding cake pool steps (so named because they resemble a classic “stepped” wedding cake).

Blue Wave Easy Pool Step
Blue Wave Easy Pool Step – more info

Ease of Installation. Most inground pool steps require some amount of assembly, including adding sand to them to weigh them down. However, depending on your technical skill, you likely want something that’s not too complicated. And if you’ll be removing the steps during the offseason, you’ll obviously want something that’s not too cumbersome to set up and take down.

Durability. Look for something that’s rust and stain resistant that will last for years to come. Since the steps will be doing a lot of work, you’ll also obviously want something made of strong material.

Algae Resistant Design. Look for inground swimming pool steps that don’t have too many flat surfaces where algae can grow. Stairs that allow water to flow underneath are effective in this respect.

Oasis In-Ground Swimming Pool Steps
Oasis In-Ground Swimming Pool Steps – more info

One of the common problems people report with swimming pool steps is that they can’t be weighed down enough to prevent them from shifting in the water. This can actually pose a safety issue if water motion causes the stairs bang against the side of the pool. Fingers and toes can get pinched in this space – a particular concern if children use the pool. While it may make installation more difficult, it’s a good idea to look for stairs that hold a lot of sand and/or feature additional anchoring options.

Buying Inground Pool Steps

You can find stairs for your inground pool at most pool supply stores, including online retailers. Prices run the gamut from affordable to expensive. However, you can find practical and functional pool steps for less than $200. Not a bad price for a feature that adds safety, convenience, and style to your pool.