Buying a Removable Pool Fence

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One relatively inexpensive and convenient way to make your pool safer is by adding a removable pool fence. Unlike permanent fencing that may enclose your whole yard, these temporary fences secure the area immediately around your swimming pool. Whether you have small children of your own, or just want to make sure little ones in your area stay safe, removable pool fencing is recommended.

Advantages of a Temporary Pool Fence

Removable pool fences are typically made of aluminum or similar material. While they’re easily removed by adults, they present a barrier that’s difficult for children or pets to bypass. They’re often made of mesh, so even the smallest children can’t slip through. And they’re tall enough that even an adult might have difficulty climbing over.

After initial installation, most removable fences can be taken down by an adult in less than an hour, and rolled up for easy storage. This makes it easy to store the fence during the off season, preventing wear and tear over the winter (just make sure your pool is otherwise secure with a safety cover). Or perhaps you only need the safety pool fence while your children are young, and plan to take it down when they’re older. In any case, the ability to easily remove the fence gives you flexibility.

Removable pool fence prices vary a lot depending on the size of the pool, the quality of the materials, and special features like locks and alarm systems.

What to Look for in a Swimming Pool Safety Fence

Any safety fence should obviously be tall enough to prevent children from climbing over. Look for a mesh or similar construction that will keep out not only children, but toys and other objects that may fall through and lure a child in. A tighter mesh with smaller holes is ideal, as it is harder for older kids to climb over.

Your pool fence will only be as secure as its gate. So make sure the gate locks for times when no one is around. As toddlers are good at figuring out how to open things, the latch should be out of reach. A nice feature of some fences is a magnetic latch, which reduces the chances of the gate being inadvertently left open.

Buying a Removable Pool Fence

Pool safety fences are highly recommended for any inground pool owner. However, on their own, they’re not enough to secure your pool. In addition to using a safety pool cover, consider getting an inground pool alarm system that will alert you whenever anyone gets close to the water. Many removable pool fences come with the option to attach one of these alarms to the fence itself, so you know when someone is trying to get through.

Finally, it goes without saying that when it comes to pool safety, there is no substitute for adult supervision. Given enough time, a child can overcome almost any barrier. At the same time, no parent is perfect – there are going to be times when you get distracted or simply lose track of your child. With the proper safety measures – including a safety pool fence – you can reduce the chance of a serious accident happening.

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