Semi Inground Pools

There are a lot of reasons why you might choose a semi inground pool over an inground pool – but the main one is cost. Semi inground pools are much cheaper to buy, install, and maintain than inground pools. And if you’re a do-it-yourself type, you can probably manage to install one yourself, saving loads of money.

What is a Semi Inground Pool?

A semi inground pool (also referred to as a semi above ground pool) is a pool that is only partially buried in the ground. With their lower profile, they don’t obstruct your yard the way above ground pools do. And with their cheaper materials and easier installation, they don’t cost as much as inground pools. In other words, they’re a nifty compromise between the two.

Unlike above ground pools – which can be an eyesore – semi inground pools can be integrated into your yard in creative ways. Many people build decks around them, or surround them with attractive landscaping. This type of pool is also sometimes built into the slope of a yard, blending it into the scenery in a unique way. Perhaps more than any other type of pool, semi inground swimming pools require thoughtfulness in layout, placement, and overall design.

How do Semi Inground Pools Save Money?

Semi Inground Pool with Attached DeckHere are some of the ways semi inground pools can save money over inground pools:

Easier installation. Digging is labor intensive work, and there are all sorts of complicating factors when you construct something underground (utility lines, tree roots, etc). Semi inground pools offer greatly simplified installation, and in this case, simplified translates to cheaper.

Less expensive materials. The materials for underground construction have to be sturdier to withstand the pressures of earth shifting. With an semi-inground pool, you need less of those high quality materials.

More potential to do it yourself. Because installation is so much easier, there’s a greater likelihood that you’ll be able to accomplish the project yourself, if you choose to. Not having to pay labor costs for someone else to install your pool obviously saves you a lot of money.

As you might imagine, the cost of a semi inground swimming pool generally falls somewhere between that of a typical inground pool and a typical (permanent) above ground pool. Of course, there are so many variables that the “typical” pool doesn’t exist in real life. Every pool is different, and the price tag of any particular project is going to depend on things such as size, materials, geographic location, and many other factors.

Parting Thoughts

Semi inground pools are a good choice for people who don’t want their pool to stick out like a sore thumb as above ground pools often do, but can’t afford (or just don’t want to deal with) full inground installation.

Keep in mind that, while you may save a lot of money on installation with a semi-inground pool, there are still a lot of extra costs associated with owning a pool that can drive the price up. Another way to look at it is that, with all the money you’re saving with a semi inground pool, you can afford to get a few extra finishing touches to make your backyard pool into a luxurious oasis for you and your family.